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Good Body Products’ Arnica Athletes

We are proud of our Arnica Athletes. Part of the reason we created many of our products was to address our own athletic wear-and-tear. Our Arnica Athletes have been telling us how they love and rely on our Arnica products. We loved what we were hearing and thought that it would be great to share on our website. We put out the word and have created our official Good Body Products Arnica Athletes sponsorship! These amazing athletes all use our Arnica. Take a look at their accomplishments and read what they have to say about our Arnica products.

Keira Molter
Keira Molter gets air
Keira Molter
Stunt Woman
“I really did notice a healing effect on my aching muscles and torn ligaments immediately. Very good products that don't leave an overpowering smell, residue, or unnecessary feel after applying…I really see the magic that comes with the products.”

I live in Los Angeles. My heart is from Bangkok. I have two cats, ride a sport bike, drive a 2 seat convertible, and find solutions for Landlords & Tenants day and night.​I'm a sun & fun loving person who drinks lots of water, follows a plant based diet, and loves animals. Occassionally I jump, fall, or dive off tall "things", play with weapons, climb poles, kick, punch, break in streets, mob canyons in heels, and low side in parking lots. I am full Gemini 100% AIR sign. Some have a difficult time pronouncing my first name, so they call me: "SPECIAL K"

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Calvin Lyons
Calvin Lyons grinds rails
Calvin Lyons
Freestyle Skier
“I use Good Body Products' Arnica & Comfrey Salve" every day for shin bang and for those days that I slam hard, it helps my muscles feel ready for another day of extreme skiing. I keep a jar in my backpack at all times.”

Freeskiing is an art form, a form of self-expression, and a way to escape reality. As a freeskier I am always looking for new ways to push myself. Originally competitions fueled my urge to progress. I continue to compete at a national level but now my drive as a skier comes from filming and photography. One of my goals is to travel with a film production company and be in their movies. My main goal is to keep skiing fun for myself and those around me.

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Jamie Meehl
Jamie Meehl pushes limits
Jamie Meehl
“As an endurance athlete I regularly put a lot of physical demands on my body. Good Body Products' Arnica Salves and Butters have truly become part of my training routine. Not only does it aid in soothing my sore muscles, healing bruises, bumps, and cuts, it also makes my skin smell and feel so GOOD! It allows me to be tough on trail, and a soft lady off.”

I have a lust for FUN, physical & mental challenge, and truly seek enjoyment out of life. Many training miles have led me to such accomplishments as: ING New York City Marathon, Brooklyn and NYC half Marathons, and most recently the Mount Washing Road Race, just to note a few. In 2014 I found my voice in Mountain Biking and now am nearly inseparable from my bike, XC and downhill trails during riding season. I find inspiration and clarity being lost in the woods and am excited about this next stage of my athletics on 2 wheels. You can follow me on my journey on instagram and keep an eye out for my website www.sherideson.com launching in 2015! ;)

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Victoria Jaenson
Victoria Jaenson floats
Victoria Jaenson
“I am extremely happy to have this natural, organic product to aid me before and after I dance.”

My name is Victoria Jaenson and I am 17 years old. I was born and adopted in Uganda, along with my brother Moses, by my mother Carol, while she was working for UNICEF. We moved to the United States in 2002; I grew up in Guilford, Vermont, residing there until I transferred to The Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia in 2013.

I have performed in many dance productions, including the famous ballet The Nutcracker. I work very diligently at perfecting my dancing. Each year I get closer to my dream of working in a professional dance troupe. Many people have commented on how I inspire and move them through the art of dance.

Professional dance is a demanding and body damaging sport. I dance about five hours a day (not including show rehearsals), and six days a week. Ballet requires the use of many muscles, from head to toes, making the body very susceptible to injuries. As a dancer I am always looking for the right products to remedy these injuries so that I can do what I love. In order to become a professional dancer I need to be able to continue training, and I have found Good Body Products Arnica & Comfrey Joint and Pain Salve to be especially helpful in maintaining my sore body. I am extremely happy to have this natural, organic product to aid me before and after I dance.

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Maria Sevilla
Maria Sevilla moves in harmony
Maria Sevilla
Pilates Master Teacher
“I use the Arnica & Comfrey Joint and Pain Salve regularly when I have a little joint or muscle discomfort.  The best part is when I put it on the eucalyptus and lavender aroma always create a soothing effect and immediately I know it is working.”

Maria is a Pilates Master teacher trainer and has been teaching Pilates-based movement for over 11 years. She specializes in re-training movement patterns for those who have chronic pain or are recovering from injuries. She is a mother of two boys and when she is not running after them she can be found in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and sipping wine.

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