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CBD Products

We don't hesitate to say we make the best CBD topicals available. Our hemp comes from our own farm or High Meadows Farm (Putney, VT) and the CBD is subcritically CO2 extracted by Kria Botanicals in Burlington, VT. The hemp, the processing, and the products are all USDA certified organic. Further, we are not just throwing our CBD in with shea butter and calling it a "CBD topical"—our products are thoughtfully and intentionally paired with our oil infusions to create synergistic results from these combinations. We don't use coconut or MCT oils in these topicals as well—all infusion and extraction blending is done into certified organic extra-virgin olive oil. We don't use chemicals or preservatives, no animal testing, just pure plant power. You've tried the others, now try the best. Our certified organic CBD extracts are simple—subcritical extractions blended in our extra-virgin olive oil. That's it. We also label our products by the hemp strain and include WHERE it was grown and HOW it was extracted, in addition to the CBD milligram count. Please contact us with any questions regarding these products.




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